MINIs have camber settings that are designed to make the car stable. This counters our desire to make the cars handle the way we want. The front of our cars have too little negative camber, about -.02. Often the amount is different from side to side with no adjustment to correct it.

front camberFixed camber plates bring the top of the strut towers in toward the center of the car. This causes the tops of the wheels to tilt in providing more negative camber.







The rear of the car has too much negative camber. This keeps the rear of the car stable but hinders the car from rotating into a corner. Cars after 2005 have some small amount of adjustment but to get the correction you need to replace the lower control arms with adjustable control arms. This will allow the alignment shop to take out some the negative camber.

rear camber

Lowering the car will increase negative camber. This is great for the front but bad for the rear. If you’re lowering your car you must replace the lower control arms.