1. Adjustable Rear Control Arms Premium


    Premium Quality Adjustable pair of rear control arm links with protective rod-end boots for Mini Cooper 2002-2012

    In Matte Black Powder Coat

    These arms are constructed of 1 inch (25.4mm) diameter x .095 inch (2.4mm) wall steel tubing.

    Each arm has a RH and LH thread precision rod-end bearing and lock-nut to provide easy adjustment. The arms are pre-adjusted to factory length, but can be shortened or extended to provide the rear wheel camber you want. The threads have been pre-treated with anti-seize compound to insure easy adjustability in the future.

    The rod-ends bearings are nylon-composite-lined to assure good self-lubrication and should be maintenance free. With the boots and the pre-applied grease, future lubrication, except in the most severe conditions, should not be needed, but can be done if necessary. These rod ends are rated slightly in excess of 27,000lbs static radial load.

    The rod-end boots are a tough, flexible neoprene rubber. They are resistant to gasoline and most oils and greases. The boots come pre-installed and pre-packed with a high load, water-resistant moly grease. And they are replaceable should they get damaged at some future time.

    Due to design of the Mini, you can use these in either the upper or lower position, or both. If only installing one set, most people usually replace the factory lower arms. This enables you to adjust camber only. Installing these in both positions will enable adjustment of camber and track of the rear wheels. If your Mini is equipped with self leveling Xenon headlights, you may want to consider our sensor arm attachment. This is mounted on the upper drivers side arm.

    Headlight leveling sensor arm attachment

    Even if you leave these arms at the factory settings, you will notice a difference when aggressively cornering. The rod ends, while self-aligning have the added benefit of having no give, unlike the factory rubber bushings. They are about one pound lighter than the factory arms.

    Easy to install. It takes about an hour per set, needing only common hand tools and the appropriate jacks. Instructions are included.

    The factory center-to-center hole distance is 532mm, or about 20 15/16 inches. The maximum recommended length on these arms is 551mm, or about 21 11/16 inches.

    We've noticed some cheaper arms out there from far distant sources. Not much cheaper when you add it the shipping cost, actually.

    Good luck trying to resolve any problem with a company many thousand of miles away.
    Also, consider how much return shipping will cost you, should you be fortunate enough to negotiate a refund.

    Instructions See how easy it really is to do yourself

    Made in the USA!

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