1. Fixed camber plate


    Provides ~-1.3 degrees negative camber to make your MINI handle even Better

    AND Fixes Strut Tower Mushrooming

    Please allow 10 days to ship

    Fit 2002-2006 MINI and up to 2008 MINI convertables

    These Fixed Caber Plates are also Strut Tower Reinforcement Plates. They mount between the strut and the underside of the tower. In other words they are sandwiched in place. They fit the 2002 to 2006 MINI. These Strut Tower Reinforcement Plates are 4.5mm thick steel. Compare this to the 3mm or 3.5mm plates that others are offering, at a higher price!  You may also have seen so-called reinforcements that mount on top of the tower. Those will not fix the "mushroomed" condition. Our plates, on the other hand, due to their heavy gauge and "sandwiched" mounting, will help to pull the deformed tower back into place and keep it there. There is no guarantee that your towers will return to perfectly flat, but they will be much, much improved and more importantly, they will stay that way

    The stock MINI has very little front camber. These plates fix the mushrooming and add approximately 1.30 degrees of negative camber to the front suspension.  Additional negative camber really improves handling without significantly affecting tire wear. These plates bolt to the OEM upper strut bearing plate. They do not require drilling any holes and your strut brace will still fit. All you need is a few common hand tools and a small floor jack.

    Unless your 2002-06 MINI is very unusual, or rarely driven and then only on great roads, your towers are probably already "mushroomed". This occurs because the OEM upper strut bearing plate is weak. The constant pounding of the strut bends the 3 corners of the plate and starts pounding into the tower causes the sheet-metal to deform or "mushroom". Take a look at yours. The towers should be almost flat across the top. You can probably discern the deformation with the naked eye, but to be sure, place a straight-edge across the top of the tower. A gap of 4-6mm is not unusual.  As you might expect, this does adversely affect your front-end alignment, as well as the vehicle's handling.  Also check the 3 mounting studs - if anyone of them is bent outward you have “the problem”  - now you can fix it.

    The best part is that these plates bolt in without removing the strut assy and without a spring compressor.

    This essential handling upgrade is a true Do-it-Yourself project!

    The only way to give your MINI negative front camber that is both economical and easy!

    These plates are powder coated matte black for protection against rust and  a nice finished look. And, if you want, you can paint over this finish in whatever color you prefer.

    Once installed, your ride height will be increased slightly, and your alignment may be affected. However, with mushroomed towers, both of these have already been affected, and you probably should have your vehicle realigned once you have fixed your towers with these plates.

    All necessary fasteners are provided.

    Allow about 60 minutes per side to install these. One person can do it, but having two people makes it go much easier. Instructions are included. And while you have it apart, its a great time to install our Front Sway-Bar Links.

    Instructions See how easy it really is to do

    Made in the USA!

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